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Durational Performance & Installation

Featuring: Sitra, Duchess, Ham

Length 1h30m

Three trans and non binary priestesses wear nude armour like breast plates, while sat in puddle of leaves inside a rudimentary shack that is draped in skin like silicon. A red lamp casts a monstrous shadow that hangs over the room. Each priestess dips their hand in a pool of blood before coating the person to their right in red, there are chants of memories, of anger, pain, and revenge, but in the occasional holding of hands there is murmurings of togetherness, desire, healing, and love. Under the light of the blood moon suffering leads to growth and rebirth.


This work reinstates trans and non binary ancestors as powerful, but who for the most part have been lost to time (see The Galli of the cult of the goddess Cybele in Britain), the work is also dedicated to all the pagan women demonised as witches by the Christians. 


Exhibited at:

Anticlone Gallery, Paris

Curated by Sade English


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