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Flesh Light

Flesh Light imbue familiar human forms - mouth, teeth, hair, tongues, and bulbous fat; alongside fantasy elements that a digital avatar may have such as horns, claws, gills, tentacles, and pincers. Many of these fantasy elements come from the imagination with references to paganism, demonology, hentai, and sci-fi. Besides the colour, there are also sexual connotations in the erogenous forms such as open mouths, orifices, breasts, and phallus’s. These natural forms seems to grow out of the machine like features of the lamp. Silicone juts out in straight lines - a form taken from studying grandiose architecture, as well as design objects found inside temples and cathedrals. The pushing together of natural phenomena and the manmade is further enforced by the nature of the work itself - by being a functional lamp - a familiar object which we all own, but in this surreal instance it has a body and teeth. This continues the current trend to give non-sentient objects such as avatars, AI, and robots, a human likeness, but in these patchwork lamps the body is manipulated beyond reason.

Exhibited at:

Anticlone Gallery @ Project 13, London

Dover Street Market, London

Lab Store, London

Anticlone Gallery @ Newington Green Meeting House, London


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