Nullo is the collaboration between artists Parma Ham (@parma.ham) and Salvia (@salvjiia). Their inaugural runway presentation redesigns fetishwear and bodily augmentation for todays posthuman tribes; the collaboration has since been manifested through design, sculpture, performance, fashion and VR.


The term Nullo is a form of body modification where the genitals and breasts are surgically removed in order for the body to be neutral or nullified. For some nullo’s the removal of genitals is an aesthetic decision, for others it’s a fetish, and for some it is a gender identity such as agender or non-binary where the modification can be become desirable due to dysphoria.

WATCH Nullo Presents S/S 2020 Sissy Slut

NSFW: contains nudity and sexual acts

WATCH Pleasure Devices 3D

NSFW: contains nudity and sexual acts


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