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Physical Distancing


7 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ

9th September - 26 September 2021

Private View
Thursday 9th September
17:00 – 21:30
Featuring durational performances by Bio Gal, Dahc Dermur VIII, Sade English, Wenzhe Li 

'Physical Distancing'* is a sorely needed celebration of London’s nightlife; the last bastion to be reopened since the Covid-19 lockdown, and an industry like no other that is continually tampered with by legislation over ever changing entry requirements. Through the medium of an exhibition, we will be honouring 44 nightlife photographers and their subjects, 7 site-specific installations, and soundscapes provided by some of London's most beloved DJ's and promoters.

With physical distancing guidelines in full force throughout 2020-2021, communities and subcultures have largely been disbanded with no place to congregate; for those that work in these arenas, and those that depend on these support structures, it has been a particularly testing time for mental health, while others have felt the suppression of identity from the absence of a safe community environment. This heavy fracturing has been compounded by the lack of support from the government, both during and within it’s plans moving forward. This entails nothing short of cultural vandalism as venues, musicians, artists and promoters continue to suffer. From the Government, through to the Arts Council, the night time economy and night creatives have only been shown contempt despite their key role in making London a unique and inspiring cosmopolitan city through their experimentation with innovative art, fashion and music. By rallying our community together in this exhibition, we aren’t just looking to the past, but coming together to heal, and to redefine the future of nightlife as something beyond the ephemeral.

This project space is a retaliation to that distance, and gathers a broad spectrum of artists and creatives from a multiplicity of underground music, queer, and art scenes from across London. Though each community embodies a distinct tribe, there is a joint exhalation in the joy of sharing in the ritual of music, dance, fashion, art, and intoxication.

This isn’t the first exhibition on nightclubs, and it won’t be the last. But it might be the first survey of active nightlife in London, held in a nightclub, and produced by the proprietors of nightlife itself. To many night life patrons the night club is as important as art galleries, opera houses and theatres in that they embody culture and provide the social glue for communities; so surely it is time that they are praised and offered the same support and protection as other culturual institutions.

Though the post-Covid future remains uncertain, let us take a moment to celebrate what we have in common, enjoy our shared experiences which have been sorely missed, and campaign for nightlife to be valued more by the powers that be. 

Dahc Dermur VIII (ft Davide x Cal Smith), Parma Ham, Miguel Martim, Sade English (ft Akasha), Salvia, Wenzhelini


Alexx After, Anthony Lycett, Arcadia Noir, Ashley Rommelrath, Carol Bonarde, Catherine Beltrami, Chris Low, Christian Trippe, Consuelo de La Muerte, Damien Frost, Dani Mejia, Darren Black, David Hadland, Derek Ridgers, Destiny Akinnola, Dette Marsh, Emily Rose England, Farrukh Hyder, Flavio Matani, Gabriella Peach Gasparini, Gary Trueman, Gena Tuso, Gutterring, Imogen May, Jo Kluth, Jordan Hemingway, Kiev Ro, Lewis G. Burton, The London Vagabond, No_One Studio, Phillip Prokopiou, Rankin, Ren Mars, Robert Waddingham, Roxy Lee, Sade English, Sort Zine, Talitha Bell, Tremors, Wolfgang Tillmans, Uchercie Tang, Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz and more.


Allan Pelling, ANTIMANIFESTO, Becky Stroke, Blackdeath 1334, Cavey Nik, Cronozon, Dahc Dermur VIII, Darren Powell, Emmerick Gortz, Fairground of Tears, Faux Naif, Frankie D, Ice Crimes x VAMPI, Ireen Amnes, Jo The Waiter, Jon Coco x Aarron O'Connor, Less Than Human, Lewis G. Burton, Tremors, Martin Oldgoth, Meta Raph, Nekro Ana, Othon, Parma Ham, Polanski, Pre-Silent, Princess Julia, Proteus, Samantha Togni, Spooky, Steve Weeks, Sundip Balraj Singh-Aujla, Twang, Vade Retro, Vito Lacalprice and more.


Friday 10th September – Sunday 26th September 2021
Wednesday – Sunday, 15:00 – 20:00
Free to Attend


Rocky & Morticia at Wraith by NO ONE STUDIO


Parma Ham


** The term “Physical Distancing” was coined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2020 when the term “Social Distancing” entered into common diction. WHO implored for institutions to replace “Social” with “Physical” as remaining social is integral to mental health and well-being. The UK government and media did not adopt this this language, and so the term “physical distancing” sounds erroneous to many across the UK.


Installation Shots
Opening Images by NO ONE STUDIO
Durational Performances by BioGal, Dahc Dermur VIII x Salvia, Wenzhe Li, Sade English x Akasha


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