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Texts & Interviews


Navigating the Non-Binary and Fetish

March 2022

Published in Slaves to Sin


A Proposition for the Future of Nightlife

February 2022

Published in Inertia Zine

Agender Nihilism

January 2020

Published in Theory of Yesterday


HEAPS Magazine | PDF | LINK

"There is a danger in being attracted to something which doesn’t fit into the binary" Parma Ham on self expression.

Vogue | PDF | LINK

Watch London Nightlife Fixture Parma Ham’s Extreme Gothic Beauty Transformation

Nemesis | PDF | LINK

My Life as Performance

Nowness | PDF | LINK

My Place: Self Isolation Edition with Parma Ham

The 4th Wall | PDF | LINK

Meet Parma Ham: artist, agitator, and curator of London's Wraith


Sentient digital archives: Wraith

Hunger Magazine, Issue 17 | PDF | LINK

Between the Decks

AnOther Magazine, Issue 37 | PDF

Parma Ham on Fluidity

QX Magazine, Issue 1269 | PDF

Protest, Provoke, Protect, Prevail

The Belfry: Cemetery Confessions | LINK

Gender Identity with Parma Ham

The Independent Voice | PDF | LINK

Interview with Parma Ham


Sect Viscera, Issue 1 | PDF

Aliens Like Us: Parma Ham on Queer Embodiment

LOVE Magazine, Issue 21 | PDF

One Night In Slimelight

LOVE Magazine | PDF | LINK

LOVE Speaks to Parma Ham About the X-Rated Exhibition That Seeks to Give Artists a Safe Space for their Censored Work


New York Post | PDF | LINK

Interview with Parma Ham: A goth's favorite accessory, their 3-foot mohawk

Dazed Beauty | PDF | LINK



Spontis | PDF | LINK

Interview with Parma Ham: The modernized form of the 40 year old Gothic scene

Nowness | PDF | LINK

The Anatomy of Goth: what does it mean to be an outsider? 

QX Magazine | PDF | LINK

Meet London’s hottest queer gothic other-worldly DJ!

Judas Magazine | PDF

Voxpop: Anticlone Embodied. Interview with Parma Ham

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